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The Novgorod Kremlin

Saturday, 24 October 2020 01:04 Written by 
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  • Location: 362
  • Address: Veliky Novgorod, Novgorod Oblast, 173007

The Novgorod Kremlin, or Detinets, as it was called in Novgorod in old times, is the most ancient out of the preserved Kremlins in Russia (it was first mentioned in the chronicle of 1044). It was founded by Prince Yaroslav.
The Kremlin was the administrative, a social and a religious centre of Novgorod. Veche and the elections of a posadnik were held here. From this place, squads of Alexander Nevsky marched out to the battle with the Swedes. Novgorod walls protected the main Cathedral of St.Sophia and the residence of the Archbishop of Novgorod. It was the Kremlin where the chronicles were kept, and books were collected and copied.
Today the Kremlin is the cultural and tourist centre. The main expositions of the Novgorod State United Museum are displayed here. There are the restoration workshops, the library, the philharmonic, college of arts, art and music schools. The ensemble of the Kremlin buildings is original and picturesque. Due to these things your walk across the Kremlin will be pleasant and exciting.


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