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Yuriev Monastery

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  • Location: 362
  • Address: Yur'yevskoye Shosse, 10, Veliky Novgorod, Novgorodskaya oblast', 173010

The existing monastery of the XII century, located at the source of Volkhov, near Lake Ilmen, is part of a grandiose natural panorama, which is revived by small stone temples in the southern environs of the city. This is the southern outpost of Veliky Novgorod, founded by the great Kiev prince Yaroslav, who received the name George at baptism (in honor of George the Victorious).
St. Yuryev Monastery is considered the first Orthodox monastery of Novgorod land. The name of the monastery was first mentioned in the annals in connection with the construction of St. George's Cathedral in 1119. The main church of the Yuryev Monastery is surprisingly harmonious, as if carved from a piece of white stone. In it you can see fragments of fresco painting of the XII century. In the archimandrite building of the Yuryev monastery is the Novgorod diocesan theological school.
The complex of structures of the Yuryev Monastery today seems grandiose, although it has not yet been completely restored. It includes a 52-meter bell tower, and five buildings: Vostochny, with a gloomy prison cell; Southern - with the church of Neopalima coupins; Archimandrite - with the Spassky Cathedral, under whose spud Vladyka Photius and A.A. Orlova-Chesmenskaya were buried; a bell tower rises above the North; and from the east adjoins the church and Holy Cross Exaltation Cathedral (1823). His blue five-headed with bright golden stars attracts attention from afar. The cathedral is landing, heavy, but convenient for the service.

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