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Mountain Msta

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  • Location: 362
  • Address: Novgorod Oblast

"Mountain Msta" is called the empty section between the village of Opechensky Posad and the village of Shibotovo in the Borovichi district. The total fall of Msta in this segment is 70 meters, more than half of the total fall of the river. The width of Msta in the empty area is about 100 meters, and the flow rate in the flood reaches 20 km/h.
The 30 km long site belongs to the Mountain Msta conservation zone. Mstinsky rapids are one of the most popular places of water tourism in the middle of Russia. Rafts and kayaks are carried out from the village of Opechensky Posad. The stormiest water on Mst in the spring, in April-May.
In total, there are about 50 rapids and plums on Mst, 30 of which are located on the Opechensky Posad - Borovichi section. All of them are formed at the outcrops of dense limestones. The most famous thresholds: Small Threshold, Big Threshold, Shiver at Poneretka, Staircase, Egla, Uglinsky.

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